Marc Artiges

Born on 6 June 1946. I'm working as a lawyer. Married, father of three children. My eldest son is F16's pilot with the Belgian Air Component. Interests: WW II aviation, mainly RAF and Belgian pilots of the Battle of Britain. It all began listening my father's May 40 Campaign stories at the Aéronautique Militaire Belge.

André Bar

Born in 1942 - retired. I began to collect photos and documents about the belgian Airmen in RAF and SAAF during WWII and about the Force Aérienne (mostly aircrafts). I am also involved in search on crash sites of aircrafts during WWII in my aera.

Serge Bonge

Born on 14 July 1965. I work for a German company specialized in retail and banking devices. I'm married and I have 3 children, two girls and a boy. I became a member of BAHA (Belgian Aviation History Association) in 2002. My main aviation interests are 350 (Belgian) Squadron RAF, the history of the Belgian Pilots and their Squadrons during World War 2 and the F-16 Fighting Falcon in the Belgian Air Component.

Philippe Deman

Born in 1956. Qualifed in Maritime and Aérial Law (ULB). Since 40 years, I have a passion for the history of Belgian Airmen in The RAF and SAAF and collect items, documents and photographs over this period. My father was a former RAF " instrument repairer" in 1945-46 at 349 Squadron and Technician in The Belgian Air force.  All began when he gave me his photographs and "souvenirs" of these time. My aim is to share this passion with others.

Gregory De Smet

Eric Dessouroux

Born in 1963, son of a Belgian Air Force mechanic (it probably explains the virus !).1st Lieutenant (res.) of the Belgian Air Force, I'm a survivor of Sabena and I'm still working for Sabena Technics where I'm busy with the follow-up of a/c parts and aircraft maintenance. My main interest is Belgian airmen in the RAF and their aeroplanes. That's why I'm a voluntary of the Brussels Air Museum where I'm restoring aircraft since 1981. My "baby" is the Spitfire XIV but I'm now busy with the renovation of the Mosquito NF30. During my military service, I was also involved in the restoration of Spitfire XIV SG-57 at Florennes Air Base. And last but not least, I'm also one of the few from the "Task Force" A B-25 Back in Belgium project.

Yves Duwelz

Born in 1959. I work in IT for a Belgian company. Since 1980, I help as a volunteer at the Aeronautical section of the Belgian Royal Army Museum, with the BAMRS (Brussels Air Museum Restoration Society), BAMF (Brussels Air Museum Foundation) and AELR (Air-Espace-Lucht-Ruimtevaart). In 1996, I was one of the founders of the BAHA (Belgian Aviation History Association). Currently I am mostly working on photo collections (BAHL – Belgian Aviation Heritage Library) and press relations for the B-25 “Back to Belgium” project. Although I am enthusiastic about the “Belgians in the RAF and SAAF” project, I have a better knowledge of the 1919-1939 period.

Allan Hillman

Born on 25 September 1946. I now work for a local company in Truro/Cornwall/UK, having spent the majority of my working career for BT (British Telecom) in the London area, latterly in BT Chargecard Product Management. I am married with two daughters. My main aviation interests are the history of 125 Airfield/Wing (June 1943 – July 1945) 83 Group 2TAF, and its constituent squadrons, including 350 (Belgian) Squadron, as my father served at the Wing HQ from April 1944 until July 1945. I have always been a Belgophile - with my first visit to Belgium being in August 1965 and my last, to date, being in November 2004 when I visited 350 Squadron of the Belgian Air Component and saw their F.16’s at Florennes. I have also been assisting Serge Bonge with his website 350 (Belgian) Squadron RAF, and 350 (Belgian) Squadron RAF research since 2001.

Claude Janssen

Jacques Schelfaut

Born in 1944, I started my career in the Belgian Air Force as a Photo-Interpreter (PI) in the 42nd Squadron at Bierset. After several assignments, including teaching at The Royal Military Academy (History of Air War) I retired from my last postings in HQ AIRCENT in Ramstein and the United Nations HQ in New York. Now a volunteer in the Royal Army Museum, member of AELR, BAHA and ASA, I am responsible for the editing of the Brussels Air Museum Magazine (BAMM). Topics of interest are: Building of a Belgian aircraft pictures database, updating of the WW2 crashes database and gathering of information about air warfare, especially about Belgian personnel in air wars.