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During World War Two more than 700 Belgian airmen served with the Royal Air Force and the South African Air Force.

There is no week where we do not learn something about the personal history of these young men who left their home to fight for “King and country".

They came mainly from occupied Europe, but also from the Belgian Congo. Some experienced adventurous and dangerous journeys before they joined the fight.
A lot of them paid the highest price and must be not be forgotten. But all of these aviators are examples of "never nothing is totally lost ".

Many of them also played a vital role in the history of Belgian Aviation as well, either in the Belgian Air Force, or also with Sabena World Airlines, after the conflict.

But maybe, more importantly, they infused to some aviation enthusiasts the aviation virus. From their experiences in the best Air Force in the world, there was always a solution to any problem.

We are a group of friends dedicated to preserve the memory of these heroes. We do not do it for fame, but just to keep together all aspects of their lessons of courage.

If you interested in sharing your information with us or help us to keep alive these testimonies, please contact us.

We want to preserve copies of official archives, pictures and artifacts relating to the Belgians of the Royal Air Force and South African Air Force.

Soon we will start to publish the results of our research.

If your are interested to join us, feel free to contact us

Per Ardua ad Astra


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