Stampe & Renard SV4 Notices et Plans


This CD-ROM contains scan of original Stampe & Renard SV4 drawings preserved by the Fonds National Alfred Renard (FNAR). Those drawings were scanned by Brussels Air Museum Foundation members (BAMF), between 2003 and 2004, for archival and preservation purpose.

The drawing files are in tiff format to offer better resolution and a high quality reproduction of the original documents. They are named and indexed following the classification used by the Stampe & Renard.

Note that most of the original information (Index, drawings) are in French.

For the reader who want to obtain a translation in English, we strongly suggest to use translation services available on internet as Babel Fish (

To view the drawings, the reader has the choice to some alternatives:

  • Use the link defined in the index. By clicking on a link, you can see the drawing. To display the tiff drawings, the reader can use a tiff viewer. We used AlternaTIFF TIFF Image Viewer to develop this CD. You can freely download this software by following the instructions displayed at soft\AlternaTIFF ActiveX control installation.htm.    
  • Use a dedicated software as Adobe photoshop to view the different drawings.

Drawings Index & spare parts list

To supplement the html and word version of the drawings index, the original Index document can be found at "plans-2/index".


To make the link between a part number and a drawing, use the original spare parts listings that can be found at "plans-2/liste_pièces"


Within the html version of the drawings index, you can use the search function of your browser to find drawings by subject.


Click here to access the main drawings index

Examples of scans (in reduiced size of internet access)

Other Documents

SV4 Manual

To complement the PDF version of the SV4 manual, a high definition scan of the drawings contained in this manual as well as scan of another manual version.

Here under are the list of links to the manual main drawings.

Note: double entries corresponds to the various type of motorization


01 Epure centrage

12 circulation huile

02 Montage cellule

13 commandes moteur

02 Reglage avion


03 Stucture reservoir

13_tableau de bord

04 Commandes vol


04 Structure aile


05 Atterrisseur principal


05 Structure aileron


06 Atterrisseur Queue


07 freins réglage

17_commande largarge

07 reglage freins


08 bati-moteur


08 bati-moteur


08 Structure fuselage


09 revetement


10 alllumage magnetos


11 alimentation


11 alimentation


12 circulation huile



At "plans-2\bâti-moteur_Renault" are stored scans related to the Renault engine bearers.

At "plans-2\check_list" are stored scans of check-lists, mainly engine related.

At "plans-2\modifications" are stored modification related.

At "plans-2\révision_générale" are maintenance related scan

At "plans-2\contrôle" are stored scans of instrument control papers.

Legal Notice

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It contains a unique serial number which permits to identify the original owner of this CD-ROM and illegal copies.

You are authorized to print the content of this CD-ROM for your own use.

You cannot distribute copies of parts or the full content of this CD-ROM without a previous written authorisation of the publishers.


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The drawings contained on this CD-ROM are reproduced for historical and archival purpose only.

They cannot be used for other usage like construction and repair of aircraft, activities that are submitted to regulations and laws relative to aircraft construction.

Nor the BAMF or any persons taking part in the preservations of theses drawings can not be held responsible for a bad use of these plans.



Copyright BAMF FNAR 2004