"Hurricane" MK Ilc, LF-345, once again used for display purpose in year 2000.


Hawker "Hurricane" MK Ilc, LF-345

This Hurricane, disarmed, served as " pickup " aircraft within the Metropolitan Communication Squadron based at Hendon in 1944- 45. It then served, from the 2nd June 1946, within the Squadron 369, Wing 169 (later to become the "21ème Escadrille, 15ème wing" in 1948).

It finally went to the advanced pilot school before being decommissioned. No information is available concerning the livery that the plane was wearing while based at Hendon.

During its use as an advanced trainer, it was painted all aluminum with serial and immatriculation in black, Belgian national roundels with reduced yellow surface and a blue border.

Once decommissioned, it was to wear for a long time a curious Italian like WWII camouflage: yellow "spaghettis" on a dark green background with the code "ML-B" painted in black.

It was exposed, wearing this livery, in various meetings held by the "Force Aérienne" during the fifties.

The "Hurricane" was repainted in 1975: Ocean Grey/Dark Green for the top surfaces and Medium Sea grey for the bottom ones. There was no code or serial number, only the Belgian national roundels. It was exposed so during a meeting at Florennes in 1975

Finally, in June 1976, it was taken care of by the adjudant Sermon at Bierset.

It has to be noted that the canopy is not an original one: it's a spare from one of the model used for the film " Battle of Britain ". Many components are missing as well and the aircraft needs a complete refurbishment.

In total, 6 Hurricane IIb & IIc were used by the Belgians after the war.

They were all part of the "Allied Flight Metropolitan Communication Squadron".

Only three of those planes, that were part of the 169 wing - 369 Sqdn of the RAF, were then used by the Transport wing of Evere (later to become 15e Wing in February 1948).

The three others were sent to the Technical school at Saffraanberg to be used as instruction airframe.

  • LF165  dd   /07/46  wfu   /48  to Technical School
  • LF345  ZA-P  dd   /05/45  wfu  /07/47 became THS-52 / ZC - acc.02/07/47
  • LF658  dd   /02/46  wfu  /   /51 became RA-A / 658 - to Technical School - preserved Royal Army Museum
  • PG554 dd   /05/45  wfu  /06/47 
  • PZ754 dd   /09/46  wfu  /03/47 acc. Evere 28/03/47
  • PZ769  ZA-M  dd   /12/45  wfu  /48 to Technical School .

  *dd = delivery date &  wfu = withdrawn from use. 




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